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What is Heart for the House?

Heart for the House is our way of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to All Nations through the generosity of people like you. Heart for the House is built of individuals and families who prayerfully commit to giving over and above their tithe to help local organizations, global missions, and the future of the church and the next generation.


When we say local, that means within the state of Texas, Burleson County, and the Caldwell area. Heart for the House is committed to funding different ministries and organizations locally, along with reaching out to our community and serving widows and orphans.


We believe we can make a difference globally. Through Heart for the House, we support key mission projects worldwide, such as providing vehicles, humanitarian aid, building projects, resources, and church planting.


Heart for the House believes in coming alongside this futuregeneration. We do this by helping kids and students have a summercamp experience and investing in our future church leaders. We also focus on the future of Caldwell Assembly by investing in updates. We also have a passion for helping revitalize and plant churches.

Pastors Jacob & Audrey Roach
Pastors Jacob & Audrey Roach

We are called to be Jesus’ hands and feet, who exemplify the essence of loving and serving others. His commission for us is clear: we are to “go” – not only physically but also spiritually and financially, reaching out to the “least of these.” Through prayer and action, we aim to build God’s Kingdom, generously sharing the blessings we have received. Our commitment to generosity stems from the understanding that we are blessed to be a blessing.

In the Gospels, a story unfolds about a widow who, despite her poverty, selflessly placed two small coins in the collection box. Jesus wasn’t concerned about the amount but the heart behind the giving.

As a church, our aspiration is to mirror the widow’s heart – one marked by passion, courage, and sacrifice. This inspiration drives Heart for the House, where we strive to be a church characterized by service, love, and generosity and dedicated to spreading the Gospel locally and globally, as well as making a difference in the next generation and for the future of Caldwell Assembly.

This is our heart for this House.

Heart for the House Impact

Check out what Heart for the House has done!

Lonesome Dove Ranch
Lonesome Dove Ranch

Lonesome Dove Ranch exists to help children in the foster care system attend a week of camp that becomes a sanctuary where transformative moments unfold. The mission is about creating enjoyable memories for the children who arrive with hearts burdened by sorrow; but it’s also about the profound journey towards healing through having an encounter with Jesus.

Through Heart for the House, we were able to invest financial resources to help the dedicated counselors and staff set the stage for broken hearts to find refuge there.

During a week filled with activities and positive connections, these children momentarily escape the clutches of pain and forge bonds that set the foundation for a brighter future.

Serve Days
Serve Days

At Caldwell Assembly, our Serve days are dedicated to extending our outreach beyond the four walls of our church. In the past year, these impactful days have allowed us to complete a myriad of tasks, from constructing a ramp for one of our widows to participating in the cleanup of a local park. These endeavors not only significantly benefit our community but also serve as a tangible demonstration of our church family being the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighbors. Your continued support empowers us to make a positive impact, fostering a stronger sense of unity and compassion within our community.

Pleasant Hills Children's Home
Pleasant Hills Children's Home

Pleasant Hills Children’s Home is on a mission to serve children, ranging from infants to young adults. With a clear purpose, they are dedicated to raising and providing for orphans, ensuring a nurturing environment for every child in their care. This commitment to fostering a loving Christian home for abused, abandoned, needy, neglected, or troubled children echoes the enduring legacy of compassion. Your giving to Heart for the House  helped support the ongoing mission of being a beacon of hope, offering more than just shelter.


2024 Heart for the House Outlook

Check out what Heart for the House will do this year!

Easter Eggstravaganza $3000

Our Easter Egg Hunt stands out as one of our most exciting outreach events of the year. This event brings the community together for a time of games, food, and candy.

Kids VBS $3000

Our Kids VBS unfolds over three days, providing a platform for reaching out to the younger generation. It’s a dynamic event where they learn the essence of worship, prayer, and connecting with God in a fun and impactful way.

Serve Days $2000

At Caldwell Assembly, we organize Serve Days throughout the year with strategic plans to actively support and serve our community. Whether it’s revitalizing local parks, helping out at Christians Cares, giving away hot dogs at the ball field, serving a meal to our First Responders, or planting flowers at our schools our commitment is to make a positive impact.

Widows $2000

Within our community, our dedicated mission is to serve and assist widows, offering whatever support and love they need to fill the gap. We strive to be a source of comfort and care for those who have experienced loss.

Pleasant Hills $5000

Pleasant Hills Children’s Home is on a mission to serve children, ranging from infants to young adults. With a clear purpose, they are dedicated to raising and providing for orphans, ensuring a nurturing environment for every child in their care.

Lonesome Dove Ranch $5000

Lonesome Dove Ranch exists to help children in the foster care system attend a week of camp that becomes a sanctuary where transformative moments unfold. This year’s funding will restock the pond, enhancing the overall experience for the kids.

Hornets Helping Hornets $5000

Hornets Helping Hornets in Caldwell schools is a community outreach initiative. Funds support school counselors in providing essential supplies like school materials, shoes, socks, or jackets, ensuring every student’s needs are met in our community.

Honduras Missions Trip Project $5000

Our Honduras Missions Trip Project provides the resources to help our missions team serve and assist an orphanage and a kids camp. From construction projects to cleanup efforts, the team is dedicated to making a positive impact.

BGMC Project $2500

BGMC provides funds for our missionaries for ministry supplies that relate to evangelism and discipleship. Items that include puppets, music, tracts, Bibles, and literature.

STL Project $2500

Speed The Light provides the essential transportation and creative communication equipment for missionary evangelism. Through modern transportation, radio, television, the printed Word, and equipment for mass evangelism, missionaries can better fulfill the Great Commission.

Fire Bible $7500

Fire Bible is on a mission to deliver the transformative Word of God to those in need, and your generous funding plays a crucial role in supporting these efforts. With your support, Fire Bible can continue supplying, reaching even more hearts and spreading the timeless message to those earnestly seeking the Gospel.

Convoy of Hope $7500

Convoy of Hope is an nonprofit humanitarian and disaster relief organization that supplies, and provides food, humanitarian services to impoverished or otherwise needy populations throughout the world. The organization also engages in disaster relief work.

Church Plant & Coffee Shop in Africa $10,000

We are partnering with the Fogleman family to help plant a church in Africa. They’re set to kickstart a coffee shop and church in Windhoek, Namibia. The goal is to create a space for community and meaningful relationships. We are helping bring this vision to life in Namibia.

Vehicle Rental for Kids and Youth Camps $6000

Thanks to Heart for the House, our goal is to provide charter buses for both our Kids and Youth Camp. This incredible support ensures that our young participants can travel to camp safely and comfortably, setting the stage for a life-changing encounter with God.

Camp Scholarships $4000

Your invaluable contribution to Heart for the House is instrumental in transformative making experiences possible for our kids and youth. With this support, we can extend Camp scholarships to those who need assistance in ensuring every child has an opportunity to experience that has the power to completely change their path and future. Your generosity is truly shaping lives and creating lasting impact. 

Revitalize and Planting Churches $10,000

Heart for the House plays a pivotal role in our commitment to help others churches make a difference in their community. Revitalizing and planting churches is an investment in the Kingdom of God. Supporting others churches that may in some help keeps us Kingdom minded.

Update the Red Brick Building $20,000

The need to create more room is a must. The updating of the Red Brick Building will give the church needed space for Connect Groups, meetings, and fellowship.

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