KIDS CHURCH Sunday's 9:00 & 10:30AM

Our trusted leaders and teachers help guide children into Spirit-empowered, whole-life transformation all while having FUN! Keeping kids excited about being in church is an important part of helping them to grow in Christ and keep growing.


6 weeks to 23 months


2 – 3 years old


4 – 5 years old


K – 5th grade


To check your child in you will need the following personal information:
Family or Guardian’s Names, Child(ren)’s names, address, phone number, birthdate, and any special allergies or instructions for your child.

Your family information will be added to our data base. You will be given a security sticker with matching identification for you and your child. Your tags are computer generated and different each week for your child’s safety. You will be asked to present your security tag when you pick up your child. If you have lost your tag you can go to the Kid’s Check-in counter and they will print you a new one upon checking your ID.

If your child needs your assistance during the service we will text you and ask that you come immediately to the Kid’s Check-in counter and we will direct you to your child’s room. If we are unable to reach you through text we will come to you in-person.

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